Friday, December 5, 2014

Galactic Suburbia

Here's another site which is full of information about the world of speculative fiction. Alex, Alisa, and Tansy present a fortnightly podcast about speculative fiction books, publishing news and chat at Galactic Suburbia Podcasts. In reality, there's sometimes only a week between episodes, and on occasions there may be almost a month between them. But since they are up to episode 111 after more than 4 years online, you can see that they're pretty consistent.

Now, the podcasts themselves are not 100% science fiction. The trio point out that they're focused on speculative fiction which includes fantasy, steampunk, alternate history, and other sub-genres. In addition to the podcasts, the blog contains links to book and movie reviews and I've found these useful as pointers to science fiction “content” which will be good fodder for my 42 reviews.

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