Saturday, December 4, 2010

Want to 42 Again? Again?

42 Challenge (for 2011)
Officially starts January 1, 2011
Officially ends December 3, 2011

Your mission--if you choose to accept it--is to read, watch, listen, and (possibly) review 42 sci-fi related items.

What counts? Short stories, novellas, novels, radio show episodes, television show episodes, movies, graphic novels, comic books, audio books, essays about science fiction, biographies about sci-fi authors, etc. Adapted or abridged works are okay as well.

Keep an ongoing list of your 42 either here on this site (just leave your email address in the comments) or on your own site (just leave a link to your list in the comments). Your list doesn't have to include links to your reviews. But it can if you like. Reviews are not required.

If you want to join the challenge, leave a comment on this post.
If you want to be able to contribute to this site, then leave your email address. (If you don't want to contribute, then that's not necessary.)
If this will be your second or third year, and you'd like to continue on, then leave a comment to 'renew' your participation.
If this is your first year participating, it would be helpful (see below) if you could say this is your first year.
MY goal is to (eventually) add all participants to the site's blog roll.
If you would like to be added to the blog roll AND your blog/site isn't linked in your profile, please leave a link to your site.


Alysha DeShaé said...

Yay! I get a do-over! :-p This will be my second year and I would like to renew my participation.

I signed up for the 2010 challenge in September and didn't quite finish it... Here's my wrap-up for 2010.

I think that I'll definitely be able to finish it this time, though. :-D My page for 2011 challenges is here.

Elsi said...

I'd love to participate in this challenge in 2011. I blog (sporadically) at Reading in Texas. In 2009, I read 18 SF novels and in 2010, 19 novels. I haven't kept up with SF in other media, but given TV episodes, I'm sure I've exceeded 42 items each year. This will be a fun challenge.

Elsi said...

I should note that 2011 will be my first year participating in the 42 Challenge. And, I'd like to join other reviewers posting reviews here at the "Mother Site". Contact me as gee.elsi on GMail's system.

Shellie - Layers of Thought said...

All set up and ready to go again Becky!
Thanks again for hosting.

Alyce said...

I had a lot of fun with this challenge last year. I ended up filling most of my list with Doctor Who episodes. I hope to read more sci-fi this year, but I'm sure I'll continue my Doctor Who addiction too.

Jim Black said...

I plan on taking the challenge for 2011. My post about it will appear later this week.

Aleksandra said...

It will be my 2nd time, so I'd like to renew my participation ;) Here's my post where I'll keep my 42 list:
Thanks for hosting!

Jim Black said...

The link to my progress page is

This will be my second year but due to various reasons, I was not able to do much reading/blogging last year.

Thank you for hosting this challenge.

Eygam said...

I am in, I just hope I'll have enough time to finish.

Alysha DeShaé said...

My wrap-up post: