Sunday, December 26, 2010

Becky's 2010-2011 List of 42

1. Mind War (B5, season one)
2. The War Prayer (B5, season one)
3. And the Sky Full of Stars (B5, season one)
4. Signs and Portents (B5, season one)
5. TKO (B5, season one)
6. Eyes (B5, season one)
7. A Voice in the Wilderness, part one and two (B5, season one)
8. Babylon Squared (B5, season one)
9. The Quality of Mercy (B5, season one)
10. Chrysalis (B5, season one)
11. Points of Departure (B5, season two)
12. Revelations (B5, season two)
13. Air, part one, two, three (Stargate Universe, season one)
14. Darkness (Stargate Universe, season one)
15. Light (Stargate Universe, season one)
16. Water (Stargate Universe, season one)
17. Earth (Stargate Universe, season one)
18. Time (Stargate Universe, season one)
19. Life (Stargate Universe, season one)
20. Justice (Stargate Universe, season one)
21. The Geometry of Shadows (B5, Season two)
22. The Long Dark (B5, season two)
23. Space (Stargate Universe, season one)
24. Divided (Stargate Universe, season one)
25. Faith (Stargate Universe, season one)
26. Human (Stargate Universe, season one)
27. Lost (Stargate Universe, season one)
28. Sabotage (Stargate Universe, season one)
29. Incursion part one and two (Stargate Universe, season one)
30. A Spider in the Web (B5, season two)
31. Soul Mates (B5, season two)
32. A Race Through Dark Places (B5, season two)
33. The Coming of Shadows (B5, season two)
34. Gropos (B5, season two)
35. All Alone in the Night (B5, season two)
36. Acts of Sacrifice (B5, season two)
37. Hunter, Prey (B5, season two)
38. There All the Honor Lies (B5, season two)
39. And Now for a Word (B5, season two)
40. In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum (B5, season two)
41. Knives (B5, Season two)
42. Confessions and Lamentations (B5, season two)
43. Divided Loyalties (B5, Season two)
44. The Long, Twilight Struggle (B5, Season two)
45. Comes the Inquisitor (B5, Season two)
46. The Fall of Night (B5, Season two)
47. Backtracked. Pedro de Alcantara. (time travel)
48. Pathfinder. Orson Scott Card. (space adventure, time travel)
49. Divergent. Veronica Roth. (dystopia)
50. Delirium. Lauren Oliver. (dystopia)
51. Across the Universe. Beth Revis.
52. Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer
53. the dead & the gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer
54. this world we live in by Susan Beth Pfeffer
55. Surviving Antarctica: Reality TV 2083 by Andrea White
56. The Giver by Lois Lowry
57. Matched. Ally Condie.
58. XVI. Julia Karr.
59. Wither. Laura DeStefano.
60. Outside In. Maria V. Snyder.
61. The Pilgrimage: The Unforgettable SF Masterpiece of the Strangers Among Us: The First Book of The People. Zenna Henderson.
62. The People: No Different Flesh. (The New Chronicle of  THE PEOPLE) Zenna Henderson.

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