Monday, June 1, 2009

Utere Nihil Non Extra Quiritationem Suis by John Scalzi (from Metatropolis)

John Scalzi is one funny guy.

This is the first story in the Metatropolis anthology with a lighthearted tone, and it's a welcome break. Scalzi's story centers on Benjy, a classic brilliant slacker who put off his required job search too long and is stuck hearding genetically superior pigs in the future New Saint Louis. Doing a favor for the girl of his dreams leads him to stumble accidentally on a scheme by a group of violent outsiders to overtake New Saint Louis, and gives Benjy the chance to be a hero. And get the girl. And have a pig at his wedding.

I really liked this story. It was much more about the people who live and function as members of the establishment, which we haven't heard a lot about yet. The structure and heirarchy of New Saint Louis was quite fascinating, and I'd be interested in another story set in this location. And of course, John Scalzi and reader Alessandro Guiliani (Felix Gaeta from Battlestar Galactica) were a match made in heaven. Guiliani perfectly nailed the sarcastic tone of Benjy, and had me laughing out loud several times.

I think there is only one story left - I will be a little sad to leave this world. It's been a great ride so far.

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