Monday, June 1, 2009

The Red in the Sky is our Blood by Elizabeth Bear (from Metatropolis)

Boy, now things are getting really good in this anthology.

Narrated by the phenomenal Kandyse McClure (Dualla from Battlestar Galactica), Elizabeth Bear's entry tells the story of Cady, a take-no-prisoners type gal with just a few of her own secrets to keep. Cady is in hiding, with her stepdaughter, from her ex-husband, a leader in the Ukranian mafia, and one bad dude. She has built a tenuous life for herself, which she waits every day to collapse. When a stranger approaches her with too much knowledge, and a really weird offer, Cady has to decide if she can trust this new acquantaince, or if trust itself is just too risky.

Bear sets her tale in the Detroit of Stochasticity, so we are already familiar with the location, which allows us to feel instantly at home. This is my favorite of the stories so far, probably because I sympathized immediately with the feisty heroine. There is a fair amount of political rhetoric, but it didn't feel quite as obvious as in the last story, which I appreciated. Bear's group of "rebels" also seem less overtly anarchist, making them easier to like.

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