Thursday, April 16, 2009

In the Forests of the Night by Jay Lake

In the Forests of the Night by Jay Lake is the first short story in the anthology Metatropolis, available from

We are introduced to the world of Cascadiopolis, a city in the America of the future, where wars have decimated the landscape. The America of Metatropolis is so different as to be almost unrecognizable. Big cities are gone. In their place are other collections of people - in this case, a heavily armed encampment of "green freaks". Their camp is seriously guarded, and no one gets in - or out - without a challenge.

So when a mysterious man named Tygre appears in the midst of the camp, people are unsettled. And when Tygre starts to draw a crowd of followers, the unsettledness turns into hostility. Meanwhile, an assassin hired by a mysterious outsider also gains entrance into the camp, and as emotions run high, her mission becomes clear - kill the newcomer.

In the Forests of the Night is a great start to this anthology. Jay Lake does an incredible job of world-building in a fairly short time, and his story is mysterious and intense, which kept me enthralled throughout. Michael Hogan was a good choice to read this one - his grizzled voice matched perfectly with the embattled characters. I'm definitely hooked on this collection, and can't wait to listen to chapter 2!

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