Sunday, March 15, 2009


I've watched quite a few films and read some books recently which I haven't got around to listing yet, so here goes with an update on some of them:

7. Timeline - A book by the superb Michael Crichton in which he explores time travel and the consequences of a company's attempts to send people back through history using the theory of quantum physics!

8. Battlestar Galactica Series 4 - the final five are revealed and the Galactica approaches the end of it's journey.

9. Only Human - A Tom Holt book in which the errant son of God accidentally presses the wrong buttons on the mainframe monitoring heaven, hell and everything in between, resulting in all sorts of incidents involving machines, humans, animals and demons. A classic Tom Holt story.

10. City of Ember - A lost city underground starts to crumble and it is up to a few to find the way out to the world above.

11. Babylon A.D. - Vin Diesel escorting a girl from Russia to America. A bit confusing in places.

12. Journey to the Centre of the Earth - Brendan Fraser searches for his missing brother with the aid of his nephew and a predictably beautiful mountain guide. They discover a wonderful and fantastic world at the centre of the Earth. Great family adventure.