Monday, March 2, 2009

Reflex; Stephen Gould (2004)

I read Gould’s novel Jumper earlier this year, and was quite impressed with it. There was a broad range of ideas regarding teleporting, a well-portrayed character with great character development, and a lot of good plot ideas regarding teleporting. Having enjoyed the first book so much, I knew I had to see what the sequel “Reflex”, was like.

In “Reflex”, our hero, Davey, gets kidnapped by a shadowy organisation that wants him to do some nefarious deeds for them, and have set up a system that prevents him from being able to teleport. While this occurs, Davey’s wife Millie finds out that she actually has teleporting powers.

It’s not a boring read, but to be blunt, it is no where near as good as the original novel. There’s the occasional idea in there, but it seems a lot less intelligent and varied than what the original novel was. I can’t ignore the huge coincidence of Millie finding out that she can teleport just as Davey disappears. And while I liked Millie as a character in the original book, here she simply comes off as a woman that will sacrifice her career in order to go and rescue Davey and have his kids, because she is worried about her biological clock ticking away.

That’s enough said about this book. 1.5/5.

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