Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Core (2003)

"The Core" is about a team of people journeying to the earth's core to start it rotating again - it has stopped without any apparent reason (the reason is explained later on). The people on Earth have less than a year to survive.

The movie has a somewhat decent premise, as disaster films go - at least it isn't about an asteroid hurtling towards earth. But there are so many things wrong with the movie that a half-decent premise cannot save it. It has numerous logical problems. The scientific inaccuracies are glaring and spoil the movie. It is riddled with disaster movie cliches. And, if you can ignore all of that (I cannot), then you have to contend with sub-par acting, but perhaps the actors are badly serviced by the poorly-written script. Either way, it ends up feeling the same for the viewer.

I could give some examples that exemplify each of these problems, but I don't see any point. I've wasted enough time on this movie already, and I'd be spoiling the only possible enjoyment you might derive from this movie - pointing out the myriad of ways in how bad the film is. 1/5.

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