Saturday, March 7, 2009

Battlestar Galactica, Season 4, Episodes 16, 17, 18

***********Caution: Much Spoilerage Ahead***************

Episode 16 - Deadlock

Baltar is back, trying to regain his hold on his "flock". And Head6 is back!! Yay! Baltar is always way more entertaining when he's talking to the woman noone else can see. I love watching his brilliant idea of feeding the masses implode, and then his even BRILLIANTER idea to get Bigger Guns. Go Gaius!

I was honestly shocked that Galen voted to leave the fleet. What?? He's just made chief again, he obviously loves the Galactica, and now he wants to abandon her? Tory just irritates me. I liked the choice to return Ellen to her conniving ways - showing that her personality was not totally a product of Cavil's manipulation.

Of course, the scene stealer this week was Tigh, begging his son to live. "Just let me feel it and I'll fill the Gods-damned room." Watching Adama and Tigh cry together over the losses of their sons was truly heartwrenching.

Episode 17 - Someone to Watch Over Me

Finally, the long-awaited Starbuck episode...

Kara and the mysterious piano player, dissecting Kara's lonely life. Encouraging her to play the piano again, slowly talking her into it, and then the song she picks out ends up being - - - The Watchtower?? Holy crap, THAT is what's been going through her head her whole life? Her dad was totally a cylon.

And Boomer - Oh, Boomer. You had the chance to redeem yourself, and you threw it away. Stealing Hera, probably taking her back to Cavil, telling Chief, "No matter what happens, I love you" - I knew the show would make some characters unredeemable, but I didn't want Boomer to be one of them.

I think this might be the end for Chief - he finally allows himself to connect with Boomer again, entering into her projections, and then she does this. And he realizes he was involved in Hera's kidnapping. This might send him over the edge.

Episode 18 - Islanded in a Stream of Stars

LOVED seeing Baltar the scientist again, searching for answers to Kara's life. Of course, then he has to screw it up by outing her as a dead girl. Loved Lee's response - "I don't care. All that matters is right now." Unfortunately for Lee, Kara will never get over Her Sam.

Helo's brief minutes were heartbreaking. Knowing Athena will probably never forgive him. Desperately wanting to go find his daughter, knowing it will most likely be a suicide mission, but unable to bear the life left to him on the ship.

Boomer and Hera on the way to the (SUPER CREEPY) new Cylon ship had an interesting dynamic. Hera finally figured out Boomer isn't her mom, and is none to happy about it. Boomer at first irritated, and then slowly giving in, eventually in tears when she is separated from the little girl. Possibly a chance at redemption?

Anders has officially become a hybrid. "There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza..." No kidding, Sam. I'm expecting he and Kara to hole up in the room, start hearing the music, and miraculously jump to their new home. Right??

And, of course, Laura and Bill, smoking a joint in the sick bay. Bill deciding to let the Galactica go - let her go out with a bang. He can see his two girls slipping away from him, and while it kills him inside, he decided to give the Galactica the goodbye she deserves. I am not going to be able to stand it when they say goodbye to her. How can I care this much about a ship??

I can see the ways in which the show is saying goodbye, and I don't think I'm ready. All I want is a happy ending, but that isn't what BSG does. How do you prepare to say goodbye to your friends?

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