Saturday, March 21, 2009

Battlestar Galactica, Season 4, Episode 20 - "Daybreak, part 2"

******************SPOILERS AHEAD - LOTS AND LOTS!!***************************


It's hard to even think about writing this, a review for the last episode of the show I've grown to love. It's hard to imagine no more Friday nights with Adama and Roslin and Starbuck and Apollo. It's hard to conceive of the idea that there are no more stories to tell about these characters I care about so much.

But I have to say, this was the ending I had wished for these characters, but never thought I would ever get to see.

Once again, the flashbacks were beautiful, and continued to bring depth to people we thought we knew, backwards and forwards. Kara and Lee's scenes together were funny, and uncomfortable, and explained so much about the weird/close relationship they've always had. Laura's choosing to return to life after so much tragedy mirrored her choice, this season, to return to service when the colony needed her as President. Adama and Tigh together, celebrating the retirement that wasn't to be, showed exactly why those two men loved the Old Bucket so much.

The rescue of Hera was heart-pounding, stomach-wrenching action that BSG does so well. It was the Galactica on her last mission, the last hurrah, and, as Adama said, she didn't fail them. I was so happy to see Boomer ultimately redeem herself, while still taking responsibility for what she had done "I made a choice today. I think it will be my last one."

And, of course, there was Earth. Kara knew how to find it after all, and watching Adama fly the last raptor out of the Galactica was heartbreaking. Each character got their own moment of goodbye, from Sam leading the fleet into the sun, to Kara disappearing into thin air. Laura and Bill were together at her end, and the fact that she actually got to live to see Earth was beautiful. Helo and Athena walking with Hera, fighting over who would get to teach her to hunt. And Gaius and Caprica, staking out their claim, and Gaius knowing "a little something about farming." And Lee. Solid, responsible, live-for-others Lee. Finally able to be free to live for himself.

It was the ending I had hoped for, but didn't think I would ever get to see. It was beautiful, and heartbreaking, and enough.

"What do you hear, Starbuck?"

"Nothing but the rain."

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