Sunday, February 22, 2009

"They're Among Us" (2008)

They're Among Us" is about a race of parasitic aliens on Earth inhabiting humans, and they are set on trying to take over Earth. As evil alien parasites are wont to do. I haven't ruined much of the movie, by the way, since this is all revealed in the first five minutes of the movie.

The idea of the movie had some potential, even though this idea has been done quite often before, but it's a complete failure. The twists are extremely predictable, the evidence presented prior to the twist blatantly shown, and then reshown to make it quite clear for any poeple watching of mediocre intelligence. There's no suspense, no "is this person an alien or not" twists, which would have been so easy to include. It's full of inconsistencies for the sake of drama, or to move the plot along, and the coincidences contained within the plot are so large that they are impossible to ignore. The acting ranges from poor to woeful, and there's nothing in regards to the plot worth discussing at all.

I wish that I could say something positive about this movie, but I've come up with a blank. Even the special effects, normally the only place where even the poorest of movies shine these days, was only average. 1/5.

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