Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gaijinmama's 17-20

#17 Dark Angel Season 1, Episode 20, "...and Jesus Brought a Casserole"

Love the title but to be honest, no clue what it means. A surprising, gut-wrenching finale to the first season. Lydecker turns out to have a conscience after all, and in his twisted way, he loves his Manticore Kids. Since Madame X is clearly out to get him, he kidnaps Max, and gets drunk while she's handcuffed to a bed in a cheap hotel. They end up working together to bring down Manticore and the whole lab goes up in flames...though not a happy ending, because they also end up believing that Max is dead (She isn't. Watch and find out.)
Rating 5 of 5

#18 Stargate SG1, Season 8 Episode 3, "Lockdown"
A Russian cosmonaut brings in a scary extraterrestrial virus that makes Daniel Jackson go Postal and start shooting up the Iris Room. General O'Neill, still not entirely comfortable with his promotion, has to shut down the base. Turns out rumors of Anubis' demise were slightly exaggerated; he is back in a big, bad way, and keeps trying to get into another body till he ends up in O'Neill's. Dying Russian guy ends up saving their collective butts by forcing Anubis I won't spoil it but think very large popsicles.
4 of 5...excellent suspense.

#19 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Season 1 Episode 1, Pilot

I confess I have never seen the movie. I just don't care for Ah-nuld. But this is in fact a great story of a tough talking single Mom who will do anything to save her son and consequently, the world. The dialogue is awesome. (Sarah telling son they need to run again: "Half an hour. One bag plus the guns. I'll make pancakes.") I especially love that Summer Glau from Firefly is along for the ride to help Sarah kick butt.
Rating 4.5 of 5...I am sooooo glad they didn't try to make the Terminator guy sound like Ah-nuld. This is definitely a story in its own right.

#20 Stargate SG1, Season 8 Episode 4, "Zero Hour"
More Steve Bacic in a toga, yum, yum.I always enjoy Sgt. Walter Harriman. Even though his character is pretty much a glorifoed doorman, and doesn't do much more than open and close the Iris, you can just tell that Gary Jones is hilarious, and every now and then they give him a cool moment. When a creepy new Suit from Washington comments that O'Neill "isn't like other generals" Harriman deadpans back, "Ummm....he's not like other PEOPLE."Christoper Judge, BTW, has actual hair now and wears it so well. O'Neill locks two bickering offworld delegates in a room together and simply hides the key till they agree to play nice. And then I spewed my cheap Chianti when this scary alien plant starts taking over the base and he references Little Shop of Horrors (come on, Seymour! snort snort chuckle guffaw)
Rating: 4.5 of 5

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