Saturday, February 14, 2009

Battlestar Galactica - Season 4, Episode 15 - "No Exit"

We had a huge snowstorm yesterday, so my husband came home early from work and we actually got to watch this episode together. It's just so much more fun to have someone with me, mouths gaping, as our minds are collectively blown again.

*******************Spoilers ahead**********************************

This was an Information Overload episode - boy, when this show promises answers, you get answers. They gave me answers to questions I didn't even know I had!

Ellen Tigh as the creator of the 8 humanoid models was brilliant. When she gave her speech to Cavill about how bad he is, and how she loves him anyway, it was a beautiful moment. The literary allusions abounded, with Oedipus and Eve in the Garden making appearances. Ellen is breathtaking as the last of the Final Five, who appear to be the Original Five, in a plot twist I never saw coming.

Cavill raging about his puny human body, and revealing all the atrocities he has committed against his own kind, reveals him to be a real baddy. And the biggest shock of the night - there is another Cylon model!! Daniel, whom Cavill sabotaged. Surely he will be an integral part of the story that is remaining.

It was heartbreaking to see Starbuck as the worried, overprotective wife - we always knew she loved Sam, but watching her last night showed just how much. Even when she pushed him away, he has always been in her heart. As he remembered the story of the Final Five, and revealed just how important their actions were, she was hovering beside him, hoping desperately to find out what, exactly, she is.

The best lines of the night? A tie - between Adama's drunken "Do whatever you have to do to save our girl", giving Chief the go-ahead to use Cylon technology to save the Galactica; and the exchange between Ellen and Boomer - "What are you doing?" "Forgiving you", as Boomer saves Ellen from Cavill's clutches, and just maybe leaves him behind forever.

And Tyrol is Chief again! And Laura really is going to die, as she hands over the reigns to Lee. And who knows what will happen with Sam, but I certainly can't believe he is gone. Wow. What an episode!


Anonymous said...

The most important stuff for the future is embedded in Sam's monologues. He reveals that each of the FF had "Head characters" (He even mentions that Tyrol thought he had a "chip in his head" a la Baltar!) and he mentions "Angels" and "Warnings" and how the "Miracle is coming".

The head characters are miraculous angels preparing the way for Armageddon. They came to the FF 2000 years ago and are reappearing now at the end of the current cycle- preparing the way for the rebirth (like the phoenix in the colonial seal)

Elizabeth said...

Some day I'm going to sit and transcribe everything the oracles say, and realize just how many answers RDM embedded in that gibberish!!