Saturday, February 7, 2009

#10 Stargate SG1 Season 8, Ep. 1, "New Order, part 1"

I saw Stargate: Atlantis before ever seeing SG1, so at the end of Season 7 it was odd to see Dr. Elizabeth Weir played by a different, blonde actor. Frankly, I'm glad Torri Higginson took over, she is just plain a better fit.As this Season begins, Captain O'Neill is still frozen in stasis., so the team lacks his sarcasm and always-amusing irreverent Bad Boy Attitude. Ti'Ulk (my favorite character, and not just because Christopher Judge has breathtaking biceps....) gets in a few choice "Indeeds" and he can raise an eyebrow like nobody's business, but it just isn't the same without the whole team. Major Carter gets tortured a bit by a human bug boy who was used and abandoned by the team a couple seasons back. But did I mention that I miss O'Neill! The characters are much more interesting as an ensemble, and, while Dr. Weir is way cool, we all know she doesn't hang around very long...and it just isn't the full ensemble without General Hammond. OH, well. Not many shows last 8 seasons and still remain interesting....cough cough....ER I'm looking at you...cough cough.....rating: 4 of 5., for a fabulous guest appearance by Steve Bacic (from Andromeda and others...I checked at and he has guested in almost every show I like, including X-Files and Dark Angel.!) Not only does Mr. Bacic have breathtaking biceps but in this role he is wearing a toga!! Yowza.

#11 Dark Angel, Season 1 Ep. 18: "I And I Am a Camera"

Ex-convicts are being systematically blown away. Max investigates with a local vigilante who has built his own exoskeleton that allows him to jump 10-foot walls and kick down reinforced steel doors. When it turns out that Logan's family is responsible (they developed police surveillance equipment that doesn't just spy on people, it shoots them. ) , Logan blows the whistle on his evil uncle and loses the family fortune...but he inherits the exoskeleton, making it possible for him to walk again. Rating: 4 of 5, especially the bit with Sketchy having a few too many and actually breathing fire. Kevin McNulty, who it turns out has been in many of my favorites including Andromeda, SG1, and Supernatural, is great in the role of Phil the Bionic Vigilante. And Nana Visitor is fabulous as the evil Manticore mastermind, smiling her radiant Major Kira beam as she sends a man to be blown away.

#12 The X Files, Season 6 Ep. 4 "Dreamland , Part 1"

I was like, NO WAAAAY!! It's Michael McKean!!! He's a smarmy sleazebag named Morris Fletcher, and he's in Mulder's body. David D and Michael M must have had such a blast filming this one! I giggled all through it. He's photoshopped into smiling pictures next to Saddam Hussein, Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich. He boffs the Assistant Director's secretary on his first day, apparently hasn't been with his wife in months. I particularly loved the bit when Mulder was looking at his reflection in the mirror (McKean) and the two of them were dancing around together in their undershirts . And the look on Scully's face when he slaps her on the butt is priceless. 5 of 5...anything with Michael McKean is by definition hilarious.

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