Monday, January 5, 2009

Here is my first post for this Challenge! Glad to be on board.

#1 Dark Angel, Season 1, Episode 14, "Female Trouble"
watched 1-2-09

Dark Angel was a great show, which sadly died an untimely death after only two seasons. I've been re-watching from the beginning, and will jump in here in the middle of Season 1. Logan (Michael Weatherly) starts seeing a doctor who it turns out, was formerly employed by the evil Manticore and was one of those who did experiments on Max (Jessica Alba). Being unable to walk is enough to make Logan suicidal. Max confronts the doctor and ends up saving her life when Manticore sister shows up to assassinate her. The sister turns out to be pregnant....gosh, doing backflips and jumping thrugh plate glass cathedral ceilings while fighting off morning sickness, that's gotta be rough!All in all, a good episode. A solid 3.5 out of 5. My favorite minor character, Original Cindy (the fabulous Valarie Rae Miller) gets in some great wisecracks and Normal (J.C. MacKenzie) has a great scene where he knocks one of his employees off his bicycle by throwing a quarter at the spokes...and the quarter rolls right back to him! All this proves that it truly is the whole ensemble that makes a great show. While Max and Logan don't have the chemistry of Scully and Mulder or Bones and Booth, they still are pretty hot, and the supporting characters are excellent. The dialogue is fast-paced, smart, sarcastic and streetwise. While the messages can get a little preachy sometimes, the plots are complex enough to hold my interest.Must say....I'm really looking forward to Jensen Ackles (a.k.a. the luscious Dean Winchester from Supernatural) but he doesn't show up till Season 2...drool drool pant pant swoon!

#2 The X Files Season 5, Episode 19 "Folie a Deux"
watched 1-3-09

I really REALLY do not like large insects. The X Files is always creepy and dark, but the idea of being bitten in the neck by a giant praying mantis is darker and creepier than most, to my mind. Also, this episode takes place in a telemarketing firm, which I find inherently nightmarish..."Dial and Smile, Gary!!" booms the Assistant Manager(shudders!!) There were a couple of funny moments. Mulder gets in some good deadpan one-liners as usual, and...well...zombie make-up always gives me a good giggle. Not my favorite X Files, but "Folie a Deux" certainly upholds the overall high standards of this classic show. A 3.5 rating, at least.

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