Saturday, January 31, 2009

Battlestar Galactica - Season 4, Episode 13 - "The Oath"

So after this week, I am officially waiting until the series is over, and then watching the rest of the episodes back to back. I cannot take any more of this cliffhanger business.

****Spoilers ahead*****

My stomach sank further and further as this episode went on - there have been a gazillion mutinys over the course of the show, but this is the first one that might actually stick. When Tom Zarak said "Adama is still alive? That's a loose end..." I felt like I saw the beginning of the end. Zarek has always wanted Adama dead, and now he'll be able to see that goal to fruition.

Thank the gods Starbuck is back - she's the only thing that might hold the fleet together. If this episode was good for nothing else, it made Starbuck and Roslin decided not to give up completely, and it's sure good to have them back.

I'm frustrated with this storyline, because while it is compelling, it doesn't answer ANY of the questions that have been hanging out there. I just feel a sense of impending doom, like perhaps the real end of the series will be humans and cylons all blowing themselves up, with no one left. Wouldn't that be a mind-frak.

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Joshua said...

I completely agree. I keep telling people that episode 12 and 13 are great episodes, but in context of the LAST 10 episodes ever, it's a bit uninspired. I still did enjoy the episode, but just as you said, it didn't answer any questions, really.