Saturday, October 18, 2008


Name: Doomsday
Length: 113 minutes
Daniel Read, Rhona MitraBob HoskinsAdrian Lester, Sean Pertwee, Malcolm McDowell
Part of a series? No
My rating: 7/10
Why I would or would not recommend it: It's by the same director that made Dog Soldiers and The Descent, and is pretty much in the same vein, so if you enjoyed those films, then you'll probably like this.


Released: 2008

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Caryn Peterson, Emma Cleasby, Vernon Willemse, Daniel Read, Stephen Hughes, Ryan Kruger,

Doomsday is a post-viral disaster movie that takes much of its inspiration from Mad Max and Escape from New York. A deadly virus breaks out in Scotland and in order to contain it, the whole of Scotland is quarantined. A huge wall is built around the wall and Scotland is pretty much left to die. Twenty years later, the same virus breaks out in London, and under fears that England might suffer the same fate as Scotland, it is revealed that there are survivors in Scotland, and that a cure may have been found. A team, led by the fearless special agent Eden Sinclair is dispatched on a mission to find the cure. What they find in Scotland is a country divided by two factions, the Mad Max tattooed and pierced punk  community, and the castled medieval community.

The film is so camp and cheesy it's untrue, there are many, many holes in the plot, but it's an enjoyable watch, if you're willing to suspend disbelief for a couple of hours. I mean, if Scotland's been abandoned by the rest of the world for twenty years, how do they keep their mohawks standing up so solidly, and where would the petrol for their motorbikes come from? But that said, I love to watch films set in Britain, with my native accents, and I'm a sucker for films with Sean Pertwee in; he dies horribly in every film he's in! It's definitely a tongue in cheek film. 

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The Holistic Knitter said...

I love Sean Pertwee too ... Dog Soldiers is one of my favourite films.
I was disappointed with this film - I enjoyed parts of it ...but not the medieval stuff...too cheesy!