Monday, September 15, 2008

Code 46

Film: Code 46
Length: ?
Starring: Samantha Morton, Tim Robbins
Part of a series? No
My rating: *****

Set in the near future, when global warming has driven most of us indoors, when the land has become virtually deserts, and when genetic engineering and cloning is the norm.
Cities are heavily controlled by checkpoints, you cannot travel unless you have an appropriate 'papelle' to allow you to enter or exit. Anyone living outside these cities are 'non-citizens' living outside the government, scraping a life together somehow.
William (Robbins) works for the government 'The Sphinx' and is sent to Shanghai to investigate the forgery of papelle. Their he meets and falls in love with Maria who he discovers is forging the documents, but who he can't help being obsessed by. A wild one night affair ensues.
Returning to New York, he's haunted by her memory. When people die as a result of the forged papelle he is sent back to deal with the problem.
When he gets there he finds out Maria has disappeared, accused of a Code 46 violation....

'Code 46:
Article 1
Any human being who shares the same nuclear gene set as another human being is deemed to be genetically identical. The relations of one are the relations of all.
Due to
IVF, ID embryo splitting and cloning techniques it is necessary to prevent any accidental or deliberate genetically incestuous reproduction.
I. All prospective parents should be genetically screened before conception. If they have 100%, 50% or 25% genetic identity they are not permitted to conceive
II. If the pregnancy is unplanned, the foetus must be screened. Any pregnancy resulting from 100%, 50% or 25% genetically related parents must be terminated immediately
III. If the parents were ignorant of their genetic relationship then medical intervention is authorized to prevent any further breach of Code 46
IV. If the parents knew they were genetically related prior to conception it is a criminal breach of Code 46. '

Why I would recommend it:
Well acted..unusual storyline..not too unrealistic.
Excellent cast, including notable British actors.
Watch it for Mick Jones of The Clash singing 'Should I Stay of Should I go' in the Karaoke bar - pure genius!

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