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Mutant Chronicles

Name: Mutant Chronicles
Length: 1 hour 45 Mins
Starring:  John Malkovich, Devon Aoki, Thomas Jane, Sean Pertwee, Ron Perlman
Part of a series? No
My rating: 4/5
Why I would or would not recommend it: It has an excellent cast and obviously draws it's inspiration from many classic film origins, it's an independent film and so the effects aren't quite as big budget as a lot of Hollywood films. I quite like that feel though. It's a mixture of medieval steampunk film noir with a bunch of zombie mutants thrown in for good measure. If this is your thing, watch it; if it's not, then don't. I enjoyed it. 



The storyline: Loosely based on the RPG, the story is set 700 years into the future - the year 2707 to be precise, where nearly everything is powered by steam, the Earth’s natural resources have been exhausted by mankind and battle rages between the soldiers of four leading Corporations: the Capitol, Bauhaus, Mishima and Imperial.

Mitch Hunter and Nathan Rooker, a pair of battle-hardened Capitol soldiers, are leading an attack on a Bauhaus outfit when an explosion rips a hole in an ancient seal awakening a horrifying machine that recycles human corpses creating powerful and relentless mutants. Mitch manages to escape but he has to witness the savage death of his friend Nathan who is torn apart by mutants armed with heavy bladed arms.

As the mutants multiply by their millions destroying all before them, the last humans attempt to evacuate the planet. The Corporations’ leader, a high priest figure called Constantine, is about to abandon the planet and leave the remaining humans to their desperate fate when he is approached by one of the Elders, a monk named Samuel. Brother Samuel is keeper of the Chronicles, an old tome, which foretold the rise of the Mutants and that a ‘Deliverer’ will appear to destroy the Machine and save mankind. Samuel believes he is the Deliverer and he manages to recruit Mitch Hunter to help him in his quest to destroy the Machine. Mitch reluctantly signs up, along with a handful of like-minded soldiers including Steiner, a Bauhaus leader and sworn enemy of Mitch; sword-wielding Severian and Latino street fighter El Jesus; fearless beauty Duval and her brother Juba.

The “Mutant Chronicles” follows Mitch and Samuel’s mission to venture into the very heart of the machine in an attempt save the planet from the marauding hordes of undead.

The Mutant Chronicles

Released: 2008

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The Mutant Chronicles

Thomas Jane, Devon Aoki, Benno Fürmann, Anna Walton, Steve Toussaint, Pras,


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