Tuesday, July 29, 2008

War of the Worlds - film 2005

Name: War of the Worlds (2005)
Starring: Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning
Part of a series? Y/N? N- but remake of earlier films - based on the novel by H.G. Wells
My rating: *** OK

Opening with Morgan Freeman's voice over from the novel 'Who would have believed..' the film starts in New Jersey with Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise) looking after his two children, Rachel (Dakota Fanning) and Robbie, while his ex-wife goes to Boston.

Shortly after their arrival a lightening storm descends on the city. Going outside to find his son and investigate, Ray and others witness the ground beginning to shake and split open as machines, which they speculate have been down there for eons, rise from below. Realising these are not from this earth, Ray races back to his children as the machines begin to evaporate people behind him.

The rest of the film centres around these characters as they attempt to escape the machines and reach the rest of the family in Boston. It's the usual survival story, beating all odds against people who are panicked and these Martians whoes intention is destroying all life on earth, .

The relationship between Ray and his children changes and develops throughout the film as they fight for survival.

Some of the most memorable moments are when Rachel sees bodies floating down the river, when they are hiding with Harlan Ogilvy (Tim Robbins) and you see the Martians close up, and the red weed covering everything.

Overall an OK remake of the story, but nothing new...I much prefer the novel.

Why I would or would not recommend it:
Watch this film for good graphics of Martians / Martian machines, and if you haven't read the book.
Don't watch it expecting anything new.
Tom Cruise is OK in the film but is not really compelling (I'll bet a lot of you will disagree with that), and Dakota Fanning has made much better films, as had Tim Robbins.

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Bobbi said...

I'm like you, this was an okay movie. I was really expecting more. I like Dakota Fanning, but she spent the entire movie either screaming or crying - it got a little annoying.