Monday, July 21, 2008

Stargate Ark of Truth!

This is my first posting for this challenge: I've decided that my 42 will be new to me Sci-fi; things that I haven't read or watched before. That'll be the real challenge for me because I read and watch science-fiction probably more than anything else. I'm enjoying seeing what everyone's coming up with so far.

Name: Stargate Ark of Truth

Length: 98 minutes

Part of a series? Yes

My rating: 9/10

Why I would or would not recommend it: I think if you've watched the later series of Stargate SG1, you should definately see this. If you haven't, then you may get a little lost as many of the characters and adversaries are ones that the Stargate team have faced before. I always enjoyed the first few series of SG1 and was a little disappointed when Jack O'Neil left the team, but I love the introduction of Cam and Vala as characters. I think they had a brilliant chemistry together in Farscape and they've continued to work well together in SG1. Vala has brought a good comic element to the show which works well with Teal'c's subtle physical humour (how he can convey so much with a glance or a raised eyebrow I'll never know). The whole team works well together which is just as well, since in this feature length film, they fight not one, but two of their old enemies; the Ori and the Replicators, as well as having to deal with the questionable policies of their own government. The film centres around the quest to find an ancient artifact - the Ark of Truth, which the team hopes will help them to defeat the Ori, whom they learn are just about to launch an all out attack on Earth. I would have like to have seen Julian Sands character the Dosi, (the leader of the Priors) get a little more screen time, because he plays a baddy so well, but Adria returns as an Ori who's reached Ascension and gives a few chills. I still think that the Replicators are the most fearful enemy though, there's something about a voracious, unemotional, technological adversary that will stop at nothing (the Borg, the Daleks, the War of the Worlds Martian Walkers, to name a few ). Overall it was an enjoyable film to watch, a few 'moral' messages thrown in, (such as Teal'c's speech about killing in the name of false gods,) a few battles, a few chills and thrills, and of course, the good guys always win in the end!

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Bobbi said...

I've never watched this series. Is it based on the movie Stargate with James Spader? If so, I loved the movie, so I'm sure I'd love the series. I'm going to check Netflix for it.

Thanks for the review!